Tri-ang Railways was formed in 1953 when Rovex Industries was obtained by the Lines Bros. New models from Tri-ang Railways occurred at an astonishing rate until by 1960 their range boasted many exciting train sets, locomotives, coaches, wagons, buildings and track.

The excitement of the Tri-ang Railways sets were superbly highlighted by imaginative full colour graphics in the annual Tri-ang Railways catalogue that not only depicted the trains but where sets were concerned invariably placed them in an action packed situation which just simply inspired and excited those young eyes that eagerly scanned the pages.

The enigmatic images and the dramatic set titles were enough for the catalogues to be poured over for hours on end with hopes and wishes that for Christmas or maybe a birthday the train set which offered so much potential excitement would be the present most wanted.

For some the gift never arrived but memories of the endless time spent turning the pages of the dog eared Tri-ang Railways catalogue and the wishing and hoping never left them. Once again those wonderful halcyon and imaginative days can be relived with the introduction of the Tri-ang Railways Remembered Train Sets.

Although the ‘Lord of the Isles’ had previously been made available in much larger sets, 1963 saw the introduction of ‘The Victorian’ which was a more traditional set and not only included the ‘Lord of the Isles’ locomotive, plus two clerestory coaches but also a simple oval of track. The popular set remained in the Triang Railways Set range for two years although the majority were sold in the first year.

This set does not include a wall transformer or controller.